Common Ground – A Public Space Game (Keskustelupuisto) is a 3 year participatory process, during which a new park is created to Rauma, Finland. The project has a game-like structure, which plays between the tension between an individual and a collective. The players are 6-90 years old inhabitants of Rauma. The Common Ground Park opens 12 September! Common Ground is a collaboration with Lönnström Art Museum.


Hi! We hope you are well and safe!

Here some words how the Covid 19 -pandemia influenced our plans so far.

We were supposed to start a new project in Armenia in spring 2020, in collaboration with artasfoundation. We stayed home instead. After the first confusion we took time to think, talk, cook, watch movies, make music and learn.

During the lockdown of Uusimaa county we produced an art piece “Forms of Social Distancing”. Liisa Vihmanen from national broadcast company YLE had contacted us and commissioned a new piece in 2 weeks time frame!  YLE went through some extraordinary time as well, as all their sports programs had to be replaced by something else in no time.  Forms of Social Distancing came out in YLE Olohuone in April, and a re-edited version of it will be installed in Ars Kärsämäki 13 June – 31 July 2020.

In March Tellervo started regular online meetings with artists Susanne Bosch from Berlin and Chrissie Tiller from London. Together they wanted to share their long experiences in the field of participatory art. The original plan was to share and experiment face to face, but it turned out that the zoom sessions worked surprisingly well for deep exchange. We just heard the news that their project got funding from LADA, London, and will take further shape in fall 2020 in collaboration with LADA and Heart of Glass, UK!

Oliver took this change to learn more about AI through online courses in Aalto and Harvard Universities!

It was a big relief to notice that we can safely continue our major long term project Keskustelupuisto (Common Ground Park) in collaboration with Lönnström Art Museum. The meetings with the participants were moved online.  As planned, the new park in Rauma will be ready for the opening party 12 September!

Thanks for taking time to read about our Covid-19 times.

Tellervo & Oliver


Archipelago Science Fiction is part of Ocean Dwellers exhibition at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin. The exhibition is curated by Solvej Ovesen and in runs from 18 OCT 18,  2019 until FEB 16, 2020.

The Turku archipelago on the Baltic Sea provide the framework for four scifi scenarios. The islanders themselves perform the hilarious and sometimes chilling episodes, which base on their own fears and hopes of how the area will develop.


FACT Liverpool is organising a new, this time entirely work -related complaints choir, as part of their exhibition Real Work. The choir director is fabulous Jennifer John. The choir performances take place 31 August 2019 – follow Fact web site for details! The premier of the video documentation of the choir song is 12 September 2019 – welcome! Tellervo Kalleinen will be present in the event. Image by FACT Liverpool.


The Complaints Choirs video installation is taking over the whole Kunstverein with massive video screens spreading over the beautiful space of  Kunstverein Ludwigshafen. The installation is expanded for the first time with the Georgian complaints choir that was organised in an IDP camp in Shavshebi near Gori.

An artist talk and conversation will take place at the Kunstverein 30 June 12 o’clock  – and four local complaints choir perform in that event. Thank you curator Barbara Auer for this wonderful collaboration!


– Paper Bag Stories From Cuba

The paper bag is a deceptively simple object, often overlooked, seldom admired. It nevertheless can tell manifold  stories spanning from early industrialization, to late modernist consumer society up to the most recent global trade wars.  Especially in the Cuban context, with its own economic model, the blockade of the US and the collapse of the Eastern bloc the simple paper bag can be a great interrogator of histories, politics, economics and, conflicts of a global scale. In Cuba paper bags mean both past and the future: paper bags were changed into plastic bags when the Soviet Union collapsed, so for many people they are nostalgic objects.

We commissioned local professional writers and thinkers to write a speech about Cuba from their particular point of view – using a paper bag as a reference point. An edition of 7 paper bags with excerpts of each of the 7 speeches  printed on the bags in total 100.000 bags. The bags are distributed by local pupils (see image above) over the period of the biennial to vegetable markets and small grocery stores around Havana to be given out to people. Thus the artwork is slowly distributed to many households of the city over the period of the biennial.  The complete speeches can be listened at the Havana biennale exhibition.


101 kaikkien puolesta on julkaistu myös verkossa!

101 For all is now online. It is first only in Finnish, but later on we will add English subtitles.

Imagine a Finland of 100 inhabitants: 51 of them would be women, 13 would be over 70 years old, one would be from Asia and one would hold a Ph.D. 101 For All put it’s focus at the people hidden inside statistics – and to the stories behind their opinions.

In 2015 we visited one hundred homes around Finland and interviewed people about their personal relationship with 30 topics that tend to divide opinions. The 100 interviewees formed a cross-section of the Finnish population in terms of gender, age, region, education, level of income, country of origin and mother tongue.

Why do we think like we think? The interviewees tried to pinpoint experiences and influences that play a role on how their opinions were shaped. Their 1900 responses fed into an interactive video-installation first shown in Helsinki Art Hall in 2015.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation supported the exhibition in Helsinki Art Hall and the publishing of the work online in 2019. Even 92 of 100 participants allowed their interviews to be used also in the online version of the art piece. The photo is from the installation in Helsinki Art Hall.