During the spring 2022 we’ll launch a book about Keskustelupuisto / Conversation park. In the book we describe a unique artistic experiment of transforming an abandoned plot of land into a public park in the Finnish town of Rauma. In 2019 thirty residents between the ages of 6 and 89 became players in a two-year-long “Public Space Game”. Their mission was to turn 30 different visions into an attractive urban park in 6 game moves. The park was opened in 2020. In the book we describe our original intentions when designing the game and share insights we gained while working on Keskustelupuisto for 4 years. The book touches on many questions with regards to engaging citizens in designing urban public spaces. It is an attempt to open-source the Conversation Park project so that it can be analysed, modified, and replicated. It is an invitation to learn together with the us and the participants about the many factors which have to be considered when designing a participatory project – whether it takes place in art, urban planning or politics. The book is published in collaboration with Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland. Stay tuned about the book launch date!

BIASED @ Espoo City Theatre 12 – 19 May, 2022

A performance @ Espoo City Theatre, Espoo, Finland

People mostly believe their thought processes to be both rational and sensible. And yet, systemic mistakes influence our thinking far more than we realise. These universally shared mental shortcuts are known as cognitive biases. The best-known cognitive bias is the confirmation bias which leads us to select information that supports our existing views. BIASED invites the audience to explore these hidden notions and unconscious factors that drive our actions.

BIASED is born out of collaboration between five artists. Matija Kezele from Croatia, Fred Nevche from France, and Tellervo KalleinenOliver Kochta-Kalleinen, and Anna-Mari Karvonen from Finland explored the theme as a part of Espoo City Theatre’s contribution to Centriphery project.

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It is now possible to get to know Keskustelupuisto (Conversation Park) through a mobile phone app! It is currently only partly in English, but please have a look and get a sense of the project, where 21 inhabitants of Rauma negotiated and realised a new park together from the scratch. In the app the participants introduce the park, and you can hear in depth interviews with them before and after the 2 year park making process. Some of the features work only at the park, such as the park disco. You can download it for free from play stores: the name of the app is Keskustelupuisto. Any feedback welcome!


In June the boss of Y-Foundation contacted us, asking if we’d like to make a new art work for their 35th anniversary. We had never heard about Y-foundation but learned soon that it is a a non-profit and independent foundation, who builds / buys and renovates houses, which they then rent for people who have low income – as inexpensive as possible. Y-Foundation have developed the Housing First principle, which means that one needs to have a home first before sorting out other issues in life, and thanks to this simple but powerful principle, during the foundation’s 35 years, homelessness has went radically down in Finland. Inspired by all this, we developed an art work Ode For Y, which consists of 17 374 mosaic tiles. The mosaic will have an augmented reality -layer, turning it into a sound piece. We invite tenants of the Y Foundation’s 17 374 flats to give their voice for one of the mosaic tiles! (Part of the difficulty of reaching the tenants is that many of the renters don’t even know that they live in an Y-foundation flat) Here is the link for participation!


Happy New Year! We hope you are well and healthy. We are currently working on two new commissions, which we look forward to tell more about soon. In the end of January 2021 we start to make a 3D demo for one of the projects with 3rd year students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and we are excited about this collaboration. Also Centriphery – an EU project, which we make in collaboration with Espoo City Theatre, Finnish director Anna-Mari Karvonen, French musician Fred Nevché and Croatian actor Matija Kezele, is taking an exciting direction after many discussions and co-planning. Looking forward to share details on that as well as soon as possible! The performance will take place in Spring 2022. We are working also on another performance piece, which will take place in Belgium this year – more info will follow from that as well! Stay safe, wishing you good spirits!


Archipelago Science Fiction is screened at Oodi, Helsinki, at OP2 -space during 20.-25. October. You can enter the loop any time between 6pm-7.30pm. The event is part of Agenda – Art 2030,  curated by artist Marika Tomu Kaipainen. Archipelago Science Fiction is made by Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, in collaboration with Henrik Andersson. The animations are made by Antonia Ringbom. The work was originally commissioned by Taru Elfving and Lotta Petronella as part of Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) in 2011.


Tellervo Kalleinen had an honor to curate two films of AMPI (Academy of Moving Images and People) graduates to a screening organised by IHME Helsinki. Welcome to see the great films by Shahi Derkyand Mariangela Pluchino and join the discussion! Note the event starts 10 am with a breakfast for those who have registered – followed by the screening and discussion.

More about the event:


Conversation Park – A Public Space Game (Keskustelupuisto) was a 3 year participatory process from 2018 to 2020, during which a new park was created to Rauma, Finland.

Different visions, age groups and personalities were in conversation while the park was forming. The dialogue was as well extended into the neighbourhood, the history of the area and its flora and fauna.

In April 2019, the project’s game board, a 1,900 square metre plot of undeveloped land in the centre of Rauma, was divided into 30 sections, which were distributed among the players by lot. Each player became the sovereign ruler of their own section. The name of the park is a wordplay with the Finnish words “central park” (Keskuspuisto) and “conversation” (Keskustelu). 

The process started from individual visions of the players and evolved slowly into more communal direction. In five meetings held in the space of two years, each player received 200 euros to be used before the next meeting. During the game, the players could choose to tend only their own section or to pool resources – the money, the land, the ideas.  In the sixth and last meeting, the players were collectively given 14,000 euros for the finalisation of the park. Kalleinen and Kochta-Kalleinen served as game facilitators without actually steering the direction of the game.

Conversation Park is a contemporary art project by Lönnström Art Museum, initiated by the artist duo Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen. It is made in collaboration with Rauman kaupungin Wihertoimi. The park is located at Kalliokatu 28-30, Rauma.