101 kaikkien puolesta on julkaistu myös verkossa!

101 For all is now online. It is first only in Finnish, but later on we will add English subtitles.

Imagine a Finland of 100 inhabitants: 51 of them would be women, 13 would be over 70 years old, one would be from Asia and one would hold a Ph.D. 101 For All put it’s focus at the people hidden inside statistics – and to the stories behind their opinions.

In 2015 we visited one hundred homes around Finland and interviewed people about their personal relationship with 30 topics that tend to divide opinions. The 100 interviewees formed a cross-section of the Finnish population in terms of gender, age, region, education, level of income, country of origin and mother tongue.

Why do we think like we think? The interviewees tried to pinpoint experiences and influences that play a role on how their opinions were shaped. Their 1900 responses fed into an interactive video-installation first shown in Helsinki Art Hall in 2015.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation supported the exhibition in Helsinki Art Hall and the publishing of the work online in 2019. Even 92 of 100 participants allowed their interviews to be used also in the online version of the art piece. The photo is from the installation in Helsinki Art Hall.