Investment Zone is a reality game, group experiment and participatory art work. It takes place from April to September 2014 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and Bangalore, India.

The process can be followed in the project web site and within the public moments:

The process will have three public moments, where the players will introduce the project for the audience in person. The public moments are:
1. 10 May 7pm
2. 19 July
3. 20 September

The first public moment puts us in touch with the indian players: we will have a direct skype connection to Bangalore, and we will offer Indian food!

Ten locals (aka players) in Gelsenkirchen and Bangalore are invited to make use of a plot of a defined empty land (aka game zone) in their city over the course of six months. The land is transformed through the moves decided by the players. The moves can be anything; Realizing personal desires, thinking of common good, using the game zone as a stage or approaching the area poetically are all possible approaches for planning the moves.

The players meet every other week within “game meetings” where they receive small grants, which they have to invest to the game zone within the next two weeks (50 eur in Gelsenkirchen, 25 eur in Bangalore per person). A negotiation between an individual and the collective will be part of the game process. In the meetings the players deliberate and discuss in a structured manner the development of the plot. They can act on their own, or they can pool their resources and collaborate to achieve greater impact. It is entirely up to the discussions and negotiations between the players what investments and actions in the zone shall be taken. See the rules more in detail here (the new web site launched 10 May)

How does the processes differ in the shrinking city Gelsenkirchen and over populated Bangalore where the relationship to land and collective differs?

The concept of Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen was created within the bigger framework of Archipel Invest -project curated by KunstRepublic
The project is Produced by Urbane K√ľnste Ruhr
The Bangalore -section is Supported by Goethe Institute and organised by Jaaga