In August we have several projects in our hometown Helsinki!

We have made a commissioned art work to the Helsinki Festival´s series where they invite one artist / artist duo every year to make an art work that takes place in  private homes. The project is entitled Family Goes Home  For that we produced a participatory concept around the stories about ancestors. It has been a great project with a lot of laughter and tears! We have worked in collaboration with improvisation actors Johanna Af Schulten and Max Bremer. In the end of the evenings they improvise an absurd play out of the stories of the audience members.

Tellervo is also part of Maija Hirvanen´s Walkapolis – guided city walk. In the middle of the tour she appears, performing her piece Recycling You, where old opinions are recycled among the participants.

Also Checkpoint Helsinki has had a great start in August. It is an initiative to start a new organization in Helsinki – commissioning and producing  ground breaking international contemporary art pieces. We have been involved in this exciting process, which has activated more than hundred art professionals in Helsinki.

Meanwhile we were happy to get news that Edinburgh Art Festival´s own complaints choir was a success. See the news clip made by BBC In the festival you can also see our 4-channel complaints choir installation.