We are glad to show our latest film about doctor-patient relationships in mental health care “People In White” at the renowned documentary film festival Doc-Point in Helsinki. The film portraits 11 people suffering from mental illnesses telling and re-enacting stories about different mental health care workers who have treated them. We are especially pleased about the jury’s statement: “The greatest surprises were works that boldly and successfully deviate from traditional Finnish documentary conventions. In People in White persons receiving therapy and and mental health treatment recall their shared experiences, reliving their situations through acting. What makes this film interesting is its complexity and the insight that reality is not always straightforward but depend on a particular point of view and subjective interpretation. Inevitably, the film also raises questions about reliability and the (in)correctness of any interpretation. On the other hand, the creation of reality in a documentary is based on its maker’s honesty which transmits itself to the viewer.” The film runs in the Finnish competition.

Screening times:
28th January, 5pm: Ateneum Sali, Helsinki
30th January, 3.30pm: Kinopalatsi 5, Helsinki
Additional Screenings:
1st February, 7pm Malmitalo
3rd February, 6.30 Vuotalo

People in White was commissioned by Madness and Arts Festival in Haarlem (MAF3), and that is where the work was first previewed in October 2010. Now the film is finalized, and we are proud to have the premier at Documentary Film Festival DocPoint! Thank you for SKOR and AVEK / Heidi Tikka for financing the film.