Friday, February 3, 9.30 pm
Restaurant Ziegel oh Lac (Rote Fabrik), Seestrasse 407, 8038 ZüricH, Free Entrance

Join with your performance of any kind, any genre, any attitude.
Duration until 5 min. The off art jury from Finland reveals what is OFF and
what is ON in Zürich in 2012. Step on our friendly stage or just come and
support the performers as audience member.

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Another form of participation is articulated with the group JOKAklubi (in English “everybody’s club”, with the Finnish artists Mirka Raito, Niina Lehtonen-Braun and Tellervo Kalleinen). They are combining music, arts, and performance. Their surrealistic projects are breaking out from their interest to create surprising visuals into even more surprising situations. Their sharp humour is playing a big part in the shows – touching absurd sides of human life. The interactive JOKAklubi shows build a sense of community here and now. Local people (not only artists) who like to be on stage and play, are addressed and influence the course the evening takes. For Zurich, “The Off Art Talent Show“ will be staged. It invites people to present a short performance, which will then be discussed by a jury using absurd methods like the oracle, and so on.